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For over 20 years VIP has focused exclusively on providing the highest quality international communications services. Count on us, every call, every connection, every day – we won’t let you down!

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Business Customer Testimonials

“Back in the days when we were building our US business and based out of Rugby, England, we needed an easy way for our customers around the world to reach us.  Luckily we found VIP based out of Washington DC who were the only company able to solve our problem. For 13 years we have enjoyed exceptional and amazingly reliable service from VIP.  At every step along the way they have provided superb personalized support. They make instant changes to an extensive list of toll free contact numbers which terminate in several countries and at land or mobile numbers.  They give us advice and help us with problems and connection issues when they occasionally arise.  We never have cause to complain or chase for service.  Since finding VIP, we never have to worry about our international customers being able to contact us. A great service from a great team”

"For two years running VIP has provided consistent and reliable service. From the RFP and bid process through to supporting our live calling, VIP delivered. The solution was exactly what we asked for with fantastic pricing. Their team is flexible, easy to reach and committed to meeting their clients needs and beyond."

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