If your business makes international calls, we can reduce your costs


Lowering your Costs through market leading charging

We understand how much cost and effort is involved in routing international calls for businesses, we have been doing it for over 20 years. Through this experience we have built the ultimate international calling billing package

  • Prepaid Calling
  • No Monthly Minimums
  • No Recurring Fees
  • VIP’s Always True™ Price

Multiple options to suit your existing platform

With our FlexiTRUNK system, interconnection has never been so easy. No hardware changes required, just re-route your international calling to us over your chosen medium.


Excellence in Voice

Our focus is on call quality and consistent connections. With industry leading performance, you can trust that we will terminate your call successfully. We have built strong relationships with leading global carriers and actively manage our traffic to ensure the best quality route is used at all times.


Operations you can rely on

The supporting business processes are just as important. Included in all of our products are the same great set of support services

  • Monthly Statements
  • Quality monitoring
  • Proactive Alerts

Live Support

Our support team is standing by to help you 7 days a week.

White and Blacklist destinations

Control which destinations are open. Block specific numbers

Cost-Center Billing

Manage your costs by department and users

Alerts and Notifications

Proactive alerts in case something happens, your balance is low or we see unexpected behavior on your account

Monthly Statements

Emailed simple, meaningful monthly statements of usage

Managed routing

Our dedicated team constantly manages traffic to choose the best route at the best price.

Quality connections

We focus on network quality. That means your calls connect!

Voice Quality

We have market leading voice quality. Its what we do!


Any platform PBX and softswitch is supported. No special hardware or software on site required.


We’ve been managing VOIP interconnections for 15 years. We have overcome compatibility problems for many platforms. With our technical team and FlexiTrunk implementation is quick and easy.

Multiple payment options

Credit card, Bank transfer and automated payments supported

Always True™ Price

In an industry filled with shady operators, gray routes, disputes and worse, VIP has developed Always True Pricing. We pass on the savings we negotiate by carrying millions of minutes on to you. When we get a lower price, you will too.

Awesome billing

No Monthly Minimums. No Recurring Fees. No Access Fees. Per minute rounding

Prepaid Account

You add credit on your terms. Your balance is used only as and when you make calls. But if you prefer, Postpaid accounts are available.

Our retail customers have loved our quality for 20 years. Our business product uses the connections, relationships and pricing that already carry millions of minutes per month.

Some of our Carriers

Ready to start saving money on International calls?